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How To Program Trap Drums And Make Fast Hi Hats

Program Trap Drums FL StudioProgram Trap Drums

There are many ways to program trap drums and make fast hi hats.. In this music there is an emphasis on drums and rhythm and deep bass. Getting the flow just right is important. You can have simple hi hat patterns but they must be flawless. A lot of rap songs have a similar trap flow.

Trap drums and a lot of modern hip hop and modern pop are interchangeable in their rhythms. You can notice this in the patterns of the hi hats and low sub bass. A lot of this coincided with the rise of Maybach Music and their instrumental and drum patterns. But Trap has a more darker feeling. It’s electronic and it’s thick. Trap is gritty and unrelenting. The production portion of this post deals with FL Studio primarily but the information and tips can be applied in any DAW.


Layering drums is highly effective in creating a new greater tone. You must take a low sub, mid section and a higher sound. You got to make those frequencies synchronize. That is the secret. You can use a frequency spectrum vst to interpret the sounds or use your ears. They should sync. What I mean by this is that if you have sub bass at 50 Hz, then there should be some midsection at 100Hz and you should be able to tweak the higher ends to make clear through the mix. Thus, it is like a chorus. You are creating a chorus of a drum sound. You should layer to have a unique sound. Few understand this.

Combining Drums

Kick, snare and hi hat combining is an art. You can’t combine a wiener kick with a thin tinny snare. Nor can you can combine an enormous kick with a thin snare. There must be some relationship between the sounds. The combination must be concentrated. They must be in conjunction, in union. Of course, there are few exceptions. However, there should work as a family unit unless there is percussion that wants to introduce a new mode or feeling in a track.

Another thing to consider is the tempo of the track. When combining drums and the tempo is slow, the kick and snare usually should have a longer decay and release. This can be achieved by time-stretching or using fx such as reverb delay. This is used to fill space. Alternatively, you can leave space in for effect. Trap drums use space as effect and spice. It provides interest. Now, when the beat is fast it can also change. The cogs can spin on their own but they ultimately must move in unison.

Hi Hats Programming

Programming hi hats goes down to the feeling you want to portray. The mood of the artist. You can make several trills, space them out use 12/16 rhythm pattern. Make it erratic, switch velocity, panning effects. In FL Studio I like to program trap drums by using the arpeggatior effect.

Under the miscellaneous functions – The wrench, I go to arpeggiator and my parameters are set to Arp Direction: UP Time 1.00 Range: 1 Repeat: 2  This will give you a 16th pattern. By shifting the Time knob lower and lower you can change the speed at which reacts. Conversely, the Gate effects the decay in between the hi hats hitting. This is my favourite way to program trap drums and the hi hats.

I make sure that the Hi hat envelope is set on and I set the attack to low so that it hits fast and I set the release all the way to the left also so that when I program a not in the piano roll it stops where I dictate. That way, it becomes easier. When you are done with this hi hat, you clone the channel and have several at different speeds to program differently in the piano roll.

Another way of doing this in FL Studio is by pressing ALT+U and slicing programmed notes. You can also use delay to add effects and bounce to the Hi Hats.

Lastly, another way to program the drums is by using stamps from the piano roll. I recently learned this method. There are different ways to fill a bar. “Fill each (2,3,4,8th) step.” And there are Flams and roll functions for percussive purposes.  You can also find different chord stamps to quickly enter chords.

 Trap Drums - Hi Hat Trill

Develop Your Technique

When you start to developing your programming techniques you should develop drum patterns and save them for later. When you can get the flow right you’ll start bobbing your head. Everything becomes organized and the sounds hit you great. I write trap and hip hop music on in a while, though I started making hip-hop. Here’s a track I made Mid-December. Trapizyus Maximus.

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