Making Electronic Music All The Time With FL Studio

How I Make Electronic Music All The Time In FL Studio

There are so many different ways to make Electronic  music. There are many digital audio workstations. When I started, I  began with Anvil Studio a then small, simple, MIDI music program. Today there are a plethora of digital audio programs to work with. From Garageband, to Cubase, Reason and FL Studio. After more than a few years of using Anvil Studio, I was glad to finally find FL Studio. To me it’s one of the best daw’s for electronic music.

FL Studio

I started using FL Studio when I was a teenager. I felt the drum programming and music creation was very simple and intuitive. From there you can learn many things. I instantly fell in love with it from the beginning. Though I did start off making hip-hop instrumentals, I found myself exploring a variety of different electronic music styles. You can pick up learning FL studio very fast. Today, there are so many resources available for people to learn.


I’ve created several electronic music albums with FL Studio. From acid music, to ethnic, industrial and even sublime piano compositions. Early on FL studio got a bad reputation because of it’s name. But that was not important to me. What is important to me is how fast I can get ideas from my brain to my speakers. This notion was actually one of Image Line’s slogan. It really stuck with with me. I like to work quickly so that my ideas don’t go away. I need to work fast. Creativity feels like a snowball rolling down a hill and it keeps getting bigger. With a good workflow you can really get the bones of your song in place. When you are not stopping and starting it’s faster.

best daw music in fl studio


What’s great about FL Studio is that it let’s you use 3rd Party plugins. You can use these as instruments or as effects collections. Today, there are a variety of synthesizers and instruments out there for free.


I have delivered my message to artists before. For people that begin with FL Studio I want to tell them to keep at it. I want to tell them to put all there effort in to get better. As long as you enjoy yourself you get better and better. If you want something you will get it. When you think of it more it will come to you.

As FL Studio has become more expansive over the years, they have added several of their own lines of synthesizers, to video editors and all kinds of customization features. One of my favourite features is the video editor because it allows to you to record your musical ideas to a visual, to a video or film. I love what Image Line have done with their products.

ZGameEditor Visualizer

I’ve slowly become aware of the visual capability FL studio using the ZGameEditor Visualizer. It lets you apply visuals to different aspects of the music. When the kick drum plays the visual moves. As the bass moves the visuals change also. It’s all amazing and highly customizable. If you want you can change any parameter you want on the screen. The options are infinite. You can make it dance along with your electronic music and your synthetic instruments. It’s really ideal for having a live set up. If you want to get your live show to the next level this visualizer is highly recommended.

If your goal is to create electronic music that is comparable to sound you hear in pop music it’s fantastic. Likewise, it can also be applied to alternative electronic music.  There is much to learn in FL Studio and I find it keeps getting better with every new version that is released. I’m always creating music in FL Studio it’s kind of a productive addiction. I love it.

Live Recording With Visuals

Here are some examples of music and visuals that I have created. These don’t all have official releases. They are just slices into how I work. I created most of these later this year. I cycle to various styles and all kinds of different visual patterns. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and become aware of my latest releases, news and info.

Many people ask me what’s the best DAW what should they get. I answer them: If you are starting out I highly recommend FL Studio.  You can learn fast. You can grow fast. Your musical ideas will come to you that much quicker. You will also be able to expand with various instruments and effects from different companies that keep on growing too.

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