How To Deal With Antagonism Of Creative Work

People can fall into spiraling depths of negativity by antagonism. Sometimes we stumble against our own minds.

Negativity is usually found in the environment. Negative people are not worth your time.

They will undermine everything you do. Steering your path for themselves.

It’s best to keep track of your goals as I have mentioned. You must keep a positive mental attitude when circumstances arise. Do not to be emotionally carried away by the external.

We are always circling our thoughts between tension, negativity and thought patterns.

New Age Zen

As “New Age” or Zen as it may sound the idea of staying in the moment will dramatically improve your mental environment.

I’ve come to a lot of these conclusions myself and in conjunction with the principles of the Tao Te Ching

It makes your mind more sound. When you do this, you are not imagining about past events, “I could have done this,” “I should have done that.”

Dread succumbs to the mind that thinks and dwells on the past.

Alternatively, if your mind is constantly focusing on the future, your mind will be wrought with anxiety, “I have to do this, I have to do that.” But when you are present, you are ready to kick some butt!

It is not to say you can’t enjoy past moments or plan for future events.


Creativity should flow from within when you release time and open up to the moment.

One hint of advice of getting the mind in order is to remain nonreactive, do not express it. Just look at it without judgement and carry on.

The idea is to enforce patterns, in order to move forward and upward.

You will face criticism for your work. Facing criticism with your work is inevitable. Sometimes people will look at the smallest details and override the entire work.

You will have people who don’t like your work. You will have people who do like your work.

You must not get attached to the ideas of your self or your work, it can make or break you the same. You will find that you can’t find the time.

Subconscious Antagonism

You must not let people distract you from your goals. Look to yourself and do not express the negative verbally for instance.

If you do this as an exercise you will catch how your subconscious mind is dealing with your circumstances,

When you are noticing your thought patterns. You change yourself through experimentation and Self examining.

“Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you are asleep.”

Napoleon Hill.

Some people often use antagonism as a source of inspiration.

I do not see it as a good or bad thing. as long as it transforms your circumstance to help your create something that will put you in the moment.

People are more decided in believing you can not achieve something than they ever are you being able to produce something.

Often times, they are holding a mirror to themselves and they are holding you back from achieving what you wish, consciously or not. These people have a terrible attitude. Do not emulate it. Instead, uplift! Become curious.

To recap, you must be unreactive antagonism, you do this by being present in the moment and being unattached to outcome. Do this and your creativity will surely flow.

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