Shadilay Remix Pepe Point Emerging Probably Entering

How I Remixed Point Emerging Probably Entering’s Shadilay Track


I decided to remix the track Shadilay by Point Emerging Probably Entering. Point Emerging Probably Entering  are an 80’s Italian artist. I felt it was already an interesting track. I’ve done plenty of remixes before and I wanted to try something different. It felt like it was something between synthwave and vaporwave and indeed there have been many interesting takes on it.

However, my remix version does not contain any of the original material.I created the remix from scratch. The track opens with what seemed like a DX7 Keyboard. I added several of my own basslines and synthetic lines with wah-wah effects and shimmer lines that auto-pan. It was a lot of fun to create! A very inspiring sound. I added a number rhythmic elements and sounds that are reminiscent of modern synthwave sound. So here is the track I remixed, Enjoy!

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Point Emerging Probably Entering Pepe Shadilay Nova Spire Remix

I was asked if I could do an 8-bit remix as you can see in the comments and I did it within the hour:

If you want the Shadilay lyrics, here is the Pastebin


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