Harrison Bergeron Illustration

Kurt Vonnegut Inspired Harrison Bergeron Song – Ottawa Industrial League 2014 Compilation (New Track)

I was asked if I wanted to participate in a compilation.

So I am on the new 2014 Ottawa industrial Compilation.

My track is titled “Harrison Bergeron” after Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story.

On this track I go Dark, Fat and Heavy. Definitely not my usual, but a fun track nonetheless.

I’ve been on the compilation for the original OIL compilation in 2013, I remixed Encephalon, He’s not on this 2014 comp as he’s probably finishing the touches on his own album coming up.

Wychdoktor was also on that compilation and he is on this one, I also remixed Wychdoktor.

The way I created it was done so there was a lot re-listenable value, so it can heard again and again and still find out little interesting things embedded everywhere.

You can get really creative with it.  I used some tape saturation on the recording and some emulated analog I tweaked, obscure educational film samples. I also had the pleasure of using my orchestral library in the subtle break in the middle.




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