Electronic and EDM Music in Ottawa, Canada

There’s a lot of interesting ottawa music and electronic artists in Ottawa, Canada. There is either an aspect of musicality or music production I appreciate.

Apart from myself, there are plenty of sounds I’m really digging in my area, whether its through friends or acquaintances. People that I’ve discovered live or checked out online at some point.

Inspired by different styles and influences. Ranging from dubstep, techno, downtempo to industrial it’s really nice to be able to experience an expansive palette between styles with people in my area.

Consciously or unconsciously, I believe we feed off one another, whether we like it or not haha. The connection is made through the fact that we are striving with similar goals, just embracing our passions. It’s a kind of hive mind for creativity of sorts.

I saw Sycorax live and it’s pretty sweet, his style is very downtempo and reminiscent of ambient by Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, it’s very dreamy in it’s style, a lot of pads and chorus’ and occasionally some vocals. My only qualm is I wish they were longer!

Planet V
I have collaborated with Big Planet V. He is very interested in patching up his own synth sounds as I have been lately, his style is very dubstep and quite melodic with nuances to his music. He also enjoys more downtempo styles such as hip hop and trip hop! I appreciate his mixing as of late :

Blue Blood (Kadet P)
Another dubstep contemporary, He has a forthcoming EP coming out titled past is death. I believe he prefers to associate with more of the UK aspects of dubstep. The EP is sure to feature a lot of inspired rhythmical ideas, be sure to check him out! I recently checked out is latest work:

I’ve remixed Encephalon last year, then heard them live – stunning, and they opened my ears to some of these musical acts in my area. Truly a favourite. Most of their music deals with the themes of technology and future ideals. Excellent songwriting and very good production on their 2011 album The Transhuman Condition, lots of depth. Their new album Psychogenesis should be released sometime this year, and it should be a electro-industrial epic (I should know, I heard some preliminiary audio and was blown away! ha!)

Wychdoktor I remixed Wychdoktor a couple months ago, out of the blue. With undertones of dark ambient, with overlayed tribal, cinematic drums and percussion, it’s not something to be messed around with. I loved the tribal percussion, there’s a lot of energy and interesting polyrhythms.

Releasing a double EP, Blood and Smoke, in time for Aftermath. Apriorism style and his EP were a mix between softer and harder palettes of electronic industrial music. I like his use of vocoders on this track “The New Dark Ages”. The Mixing is a little rough on some edges, but definitely holds a lot of promise. I have remixed his track False Salvation, in an unreleased format.

As of late the scene that is really starting to blossom for whatever reason is the Industrial. I think it’s because there many great curators, just as much as musicians caring for it. Industrial really seems to have a solid community in my area here in. Especially with a community clouding together for the Ottawa Industrial League Community.

I think Ottawa music is buzzing and flourishing. It’s not as large as Toronto but there’s a lot of people here with an artistic hunger and edge

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