Classical and Original Nicaraguan Music

Music of Nicaragua

I was taking a ride in my fathers car and he had a fantastic mix CD from a while ago. I’ve always enjoyed assortment of rhythms and style and this mix was no exception. It had mostly recent salsa music but it also had classical music from artists from my original country, Nicaragua. It was quite an inspiring Nicaraguan music. I love that it seems to draw inspiration from European classical music.

José de la Cruz Mena

The most prominent Nicaraguan composers are José de la Cruz Mena (1874–1907), a classical composer born in León, creator of varied romantic waltzes and sounds inspired by everyday experiences like The Nacatamal, The Turkeys, or Ruins; by Bible characters like Loves of Abraham; or by his aristocratic patrons’ wives and daughters like Beautiful Margaret, Rosalía, etc. Mena’s became famous in America where it influenced other American composers. It reached Europe, and Asia in the late 1800s and became so popular, particularly in Germany, and Italy that inspired composer Giacomo Puccini for his opera La Boheme.

I’ve never heard Nicaraguan music like this. So I decided to look up more classical and popular folk songs from Nicaragua. Specifically, José de la Cruz Mena. He has a very romantic, idealistic sound. Here are some of the ones I enjoy:


Justo Santos – La Mora Limpia

La Mora Limpia or “A Clean Coffee Bean” is a traditional song from Nicaraguan. It is a popular song. I recall many friends and relatives playing this song live. I’ve heard it it many times on CD before. It’s great traditional Nicaraguan music. I heard this song played on marimbas and different instruments. I really enjoy it on the guitar. It has a good bounce and festive. Everytime I listen to the music I remember great times with family and great landscapes, pastures and scenery.


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